Ellicottville Great Valley Recreational Trail group establishes fund at Foundation

A committee working to create a multiuse recreational trail through Ellicottville and Great Valley has established a new fund at the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation to assist in the creation and maintenance of the trail.

“Trails have many proven advantages of providing safe recreation for families and friends, easy access to exercise for better health, personal enjoyment of the outdoors and even as a traffic-free way to commute to work, school and to shop at local businesses,” said Ken Hinman, founder of the Ellicottville–Great Valley Recreational Trail committee.

Prior to establishing a fund, the group met with Joe Higgins, chair of the Allegheny River Valley Trail committee, who shared his insight on constructing a trail as well as fundraising and providing for a trail’s maintenance.

Mr. Higgins was also instrumental in the creation of the Community Foundation as a charter member, serving on the board until 2004.

The Community Foundation was established in 1995 in order to manage funds to benefit the Olean area, including donations to support the creation of the Allegheny River Valley Trail. As such, the Allegheny River Valley Trail Fund was the first fund at the Community Foundation.

“The Foundation is a perfect fit for this project,” said Ellicottville Mayor Charles Coolidge. “The Allegheny River Valley Trail is thriving, and our group is confident the Ellicottville Great Valley Trail will be just as successful.”

As a 501(c)(3) public foundation, CRCF will receive donations on behalf of the Ellicottville-Great Valley Trail, allowing donors’ gifts to be tax deductible. The Foundation will issue grants from the fund for the creation of the trail and its maintenance.

Donations to the Ellicottville Great Valley Trail Fund can be made in care of the Community Foundation at 120 North Union Street, Olean, N.Y. 14706 and online at www.cattfoundation.org.

To learn more about the Ellicottville Great Valley Trail, call 716-699-4062, or visit www.facebook.com/EVLtrail.

The Community Foundation provides to its fund donors administrative services such as gift processing and acknowledgments, investment management through a professional investment manager, and tax filing. Any nonprofit organization or any organization seeking nonprofit status interested in starting a fund at the Community Foundation can benefit from the these services.

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