Grant Opportunities

Community Fund
The Community Fund is an unrestricted fund to benefit the community’s greatest needs, including Foundation events and activities that support the Community Foundation’s mission. Grant applications for the Community Fund are accepted in two funding cycles, the Apr. 21 deadline for consideration at the May board meeting and the Oct. 21 deadline for consideration at the November board meeting.

Proposals are assessed on organization strength, community need or opportunity, feasibility and impact, project budget and the role of the CRCF grant (see proposal assessment rubric). Generally grants are not intended to fund ongoing annual needs.

Only one proposal from an organization will be considered each calendar year.

CLICK HERE for the grant application.

Mental Wellness in Cattaraugus County Fund
Grants from this fund will support programs and activities that will promote and support mental wellness in Cattaraugus County in the spirit that was intended by the former Mental Health Association in Cattaraugus County (MHACC). Grants will be limited to 501 (c) (3) organizations or programs operated by a licensed mental health practitioner or agency. Generally grants from this fund cannot be used for overhead or start-up. Grant applications will be accepted once per year, with the deadline of Oct. 1.

CLICK HERE for the grant application.

Specific Funds
A description of specific funds is available on our Funds page. There is a rolling application deadline for funds that accept grant applications and applicants should contact the Foundation office for specific information.

Scholarship Funds
See separate guidelines and application for scholarships on our Scholarships page.